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Massage Therapy in Hove & Brighton

At Chiropractic First we understand the importance of treating you as a whole person and therefore encourage the use of massage therapy alongside our treatment.

Massage therapy and chiropractic are complementary to one another as chiropractic aids the restoration of normal joint mobility and function and massage therapy restores balance to the surrounding muscles. Many of our patients benefit from combining massage therapy with their chiropractic care. However, massage therapy is also effective when used alone. Another great benefit of massage therapy is the promotion of relaxation and an increased sense of well being.

Brighton Massage Therapy

Brighton Massage Therapy

Linda Thaper has practised massage in a wide variety of settings for over 15 years. She applies deep trigger point and stretching techniques to help longer standing problems, particularly useful in the shoulder and neck area. Linda uses reflexology, aromatherapy, deep tissue and Indian head massage techniques to complement chiropractic care and help speed recovery.

People of all ages and levels of physical fitness can gain great benefit from massage therapy. Those with certain health conditions may not be suitable for massage therapy and this will always be discussed during your initial consultation.

Chiropractic First has been providing quality chiropractic care and massage therapy to the East Sussex community of Brighton and Hove since 2006. Please contact our Brighton chiropractic office to make an appointment today.

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