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Chiropractic First Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Click on the topics below to review a selection of Chiropractic First patient testimonials below and please email me or contact our Brighton office if you have any questions.

Back Pain

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this testimonial as I feel it is important to let people know about the massive help that I have received from Mark Yacoub and the great improvements to my everyday life as a result.

I have a long term injury to my lower back (Spondylolisthesis) which has caused me daily pain and restricted my movement and activity for about 6 years. I have been to a full range of specialists including a surgeon, an osteopath, a Harley St. back practitioner and many others. The only improvements I had in my condition came from Pilates, but this entailed about an hour of stretching twice a day.

When I met Mark I was very sceptical about what he could do, but he convinced me to try chiropractic and I am so glad that I did. I have been a patient of his for about 3 months and his work literally changed my life. My back improved almost immediately and is now nearly as good as before the injury. I no longer need to do regular intense stretching and I am again able to take part in active sports, which is something that I never thought would be possible.

I would recommend chiropractic and Mark Yacoub to everyone who has a back problem.

Yours Faithfully
James Casey

I turned up at the Chiropractor as a last resort, as I had been to my doctors to sort out my back problems.  The doctor’s solution was to take painkillers and that is all they could do as, in the doctors words, ‘I was getting old’. I am only 40 years old!

The pain in my back was affecting my stomach problems, sharp pains in my ribs and losing grip in my hands.

On arrival at the Chiropractor I was put at ease straight away and all my fears were put at rest once I had a talk with Dr. Mark Yacoub (Doctor or Chiropractic). He explained everything and made it so easy to understand, putting everything in plain English.  After my X-rays were taken we had another talk, the x-rays revealed how bad my back really was.  Being a fit person, it seemed to be all over for my fast lifestyle but Dr. Mark (Doctor or Chiropractic) made me feel at ease and to trust him.  After just one session, I felt a lot better and things just keep on getting better.

I would have no problem telling people what a difference it can make to their lives. It is a miracle what it has done for me.

Many thanks to Dr. Mark (Doctor or Chiropractic) and the team from….

Mr IJ Parsons


My Chiropractic Story:

One day in December 2006 I was shopping, and whilst trying to manoeuvre a pushchair, balancing a shopping basket and guiding my 3 year old granddaughter through the supermarket aisle I felt something pulled in my back, that was the start of 18months of pain and discomfort in my lower back.

I saw my GP after a few months as things were not getting any better and her advice was ‘take painkillers’.  I hate popping pills so most of the time I would just try and bear the pain, if it got too much I would use one of the off the shelf painkilling gels.  I started my day stiff and pain, in order to get moving each morning I would have to stand in the shower with hot water running on my back for at least five minutes to relieve the stiffness and loosen my back.

I decided to see a Chiropractor because as well as the constant pain and discomfort I developed a numbness in my foot which panicked me as I remembered my sister having similar problems for several years which eventually lead to her having a back operation (when she saw a Chiropractor it was too late he could only help with pain relief), she now has 2 pins in the back, I did not want to go through that.

I am so glad that I decided to see Mark, with the adjustments that he has been doing and the back care information he has given me over the last two months I am on the mend.  I have rediscovered my flexibility, I walk with more fluidity and I no longer need to stand under a hot shower for five minutes each day to get me moving. I actually get out of bed each day now, rather than roll out of bed.  I am not yet 100%, but armed with Mark’s back care advice I am working on breaking the bad habits I have developed over the years, and I am confident that with his continued help it will not be too long before I am fully functional again.

I have told all my friends and family about how much I have benefited from having Chiropractic adjustments and would not hesitate to recommend Mark to each and every one of them.

Mark, thank you so very much.

Yours forever grateful
Denese Powell

Whiplash / Neck Pain

I sustained a severe whiplash injury nine years ago, which left me in agony and unable to work or even sleep for the next two weeks. My GP prescribed a course of very strong painkillers, a neck brace and told me that it was unlikely my neck would ever fully recover; the reality was, as I got older my symptoms would inevitably get worse.

As the years went on it seemed that she was right, my neck didn’t fully recover and I was left with symptoms ranging from constant discomfort to severe pain, which gradually spread down my shoulder, arm and back.

I visited my GP again about five months ago when I began to experience additional symptoms – pins and needles, a burning feeling and loss of sensation in my left arm. The diagnosis was a trapped nerve in my neck, as a result of my old injury. I was prescribed anti-inflammatory painkillers and informed that the other option was a course of physiotherapy but the waiting list for a referral would be at least six months.

The anti-inflammatory drugs that I was given did slightly reduce my symptoms for the month that I was taking them, but as soon as I stopped it was clear that any improvements had only been temporary and could only be achieved by continued use. I did not want to be dependant on any form of medication.

A good friend of mine suggested that I go for a consultation with her chiropractor (Mark), as she was sure that he would be able to help. I didn’t really give it much thought as I didn’t know much about chiropractic care but presumed that the problem was with my muscles, not with my spine. I was also a bit unsure as to whether I liked the sound of somebody manipulating my neck and back and was concerned about how safe it was.

I put up with the pain for another three months before my friend eventually had enough and insisted that I go along for an initial consultation.  I was very nervous and a little apprehensive when I walked in for my first appointment, but was instantly put at ease by the kindness and professionalism of everyone that worked there. It was obvious that Mark was very knowledgeable and experienced and I felt confident that he would be able to help me.

My x-rays showed that the spine was actually out of alignment, almost certainly as a result of not treating the original injury correctly.

After a very informative consultation, we decided on a course of treatment and I had my first adjustment, I didn’t know what I had been so worried about. When I left the clinic that day, the symptoms that I’d suffered with constantly for the last five months had almost gone.  I walked home feeling nothing short of euphoric!

Over the next couple of weeks of treatment, the remaining symptoms gradually disappeared and I am now free of pain for the first time in nine years.

I have noticed improvements in my health and fitness overall. I have more energy; better posture and I no longer wake up with a stiff neck every morning. My muscle strength has improved, along with my digestion.

I’m not sure why I was not advised by my GP that chiropractic treatment could have helped at the time of my original injury.

When you start to understand the connection between your spinal column and your nervous system, the benefits that chiropractic care can give you make perfect sense. I would recommend the ‘spinal care’ class run by Mark in the evenings to anyone who has the opportunity to attend.

I have since told anyone who would listen to me about the results that I’ve had, as I know what a difference it has made to my life. To my surprise I found that a number of my friends and colleagues are already patients at Chiropractic First and all tell the same story of quick results and an improved quality of life. I wish they had told me!

I would like to thank everyone that works at Chiropractic First for their combined efforts; the lovely ladies on reception who make it such a welcoming environment and Mark and Linda, who through the combination of chiropractic adjustments and deep tissue massage have made me feel ten years younger.

Thank you all so much.
Sheryl Parkinson

My story really began after I had an operation.

I was fit, active and fairly flexible before the operation, but after things went downhill fast.

I found that I was having a hard time sleeping, every night I went to sleep quickly but woke up about two hours later and couldn’t get back to sleep. I would then doze for the rest of the night. I was living on approximately four hours per night, I needed eight. I suffered continual pain in my hips and lower back area and for the first half an hour or so of getting up in the mornings I couldn’t walk properly only “shuffle” along, going downstairs was a nightmare, the only way I could manage was by going down backwards on all fours. Slowly.

I visited my Doctor and was told as I was getting older I should expect these things. If the pain got too bad I could have pain killers.

I wasn’t convinced he was right so I then tried various Osteopaths and Chiropractors, none really satisfactory. I was told that my hip was “fragile” and had a tendency to twist, not to worry they could help. It did help for a few weeks at a time then I would have to return and be “clicked” into place. This went on for about 12years, and it was getting very expensive. I began to think that the Doctor was right, as you got older things got worse and you lived in pain.

After a particularly bad period of my “back going out” a friend suggested I give her Chiropractor a chance.

Dr MARK YACOUB (Doctor of Chiropractic)…………………………….

After the initial consultation and x ray (the first I have ever been offered) all was explained. It wasn’t my hip that was “twisted” my problem was the base of my neck (due to a car accident I had had a whiplash injury some 20 odd years previously). And to compensate the whole of my back had “adjusted” itself accordingly.

Within 3months I felt great and free of pain, can move easily and stairs are no problem whatever time of day.

There are still some minor adjustments needed but I feel better now that I did 15years ago and have real hope I can live an active life with no continual pain.

All I can say is a heartfelt THANK YOU.
Carol Broadbent


I had always had reservations as to whether or not seeing a chiropractor would work for me.  I was getting headaches very often and had some back and neck pain too but I didn’t think it would be beneficial to see a chiropractor.  A friend had been seeing one for a few years and changed to Chiropractic First. He managed to persuade me to go in to see for myself what treatment could be offered and also what the problem could be.

As soon as my first session with Mark was over I knew that I had done the right thing in coming to see him.  I felt both at ease with Mark and also had every confidence in everything he did and told me.  He still never ceases to amaze me and often second guesses my problems before I even have a chance to explain them. My course of treatment has helped me no end and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark to others, especially those like myself that have (or had) reservations about the whole process beforehand.  He also manages to help with colds and such which is and probably always will remain a mystery to me but nevertheless, helps me no end.

I have also benefitted from the educational side of Marks treatment which makes us aware of everything from posture to diet to lifestyle.  Its amazing how many factors can affect a simple head or back ache.

Many thanks goes out to Mark and all the staff for helping to ‘fix’ me and helping me feel comfortable within my own skin again.

Keith Barsby

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), ME and Fibromyalgia

I was diagnosed with M.E. about 6 years ago, my main symptoms being extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain and stiffness, and headaches, along with several others. Over the years the severity of the illness has fluctuated, having been pretty mildly affected at first, to becoming bedbound and wheelchair dependant, to getting to a better place a year ago yet still fighting for good health.

I have tried so many treatments over the years, I literally feel like I have tried everything there is to try, from acupuncture to shiatsu, nutritional therapy to NLP, psychological therapies, kinesiology, pacing, you name it, I’ve tried it! Only a couple of these have actually had any good effect on me.

I decided to give Chiropractic a go after my mum started seeing Mark for migraines. She had suffered from these since she was 15 and since seeing Mark she’s not had any at all. She told me what Chiropractic involved and it suddenly made sense to me that this could be something to try, being that M.E. is an illness of the nervous system, and it is your spine that protects your spinal cord, which is linked to your nervous system. And hearing that chiropractic was about helping and focusing on your spine, I really felt strongly that this could help me.

When I arrived for my first appointment, I was pleasantly surprised at the warm welcome the receptionists gave me, I think there were about three of them there that day, not quite sure why! They were very friendly to me and I instantly felt at ease. Mum had told me just how lovely Mark himself was, and she wasn’t wrong. I felt like he was really interested in helping me, and completely trusted him instantly, unlike so many other treatments I’ve tried

where I’ve often felt like they just brainwash you. He took some x-rays of my spine and did a few other tests, and when I got the results it was a relief to see that there was actually something visibly not right with my body, and I had reason to have these symptoms I had had for so long. Mark was confident he could help me and I believed him because it just completely makes sense to me, that if my spine is out of line it will be affecting how my body functions.

I have been seeing Mark for about 6 months now, and have had very significant results. I’ve been feeling so much better and brighter, with lots more energy. The first thing I noticed after a few sessions was that I could walk much further with much less pain. I’ve been able to do some walking which I’ve not done in years, and can stand up for much, much longer. My whole body feels stronger, and my symptoms are much less severe than they used to be.

I have recommended Chiropractic to several of my M.E. contacts and friends, as I really believe it’s helped me on my way to recovery. I hope they decide to give it a go. I would also recommend it to anyone who feels there is nothing left to try, or if you are scared to try “yet another therapy”, as Mark really is brilliant.

I am so glad I gave Chiropractic a go, and am extremely grateful to Mark for all he is doing for me. It is so nice to meet someone as well that is non-judgemental, and understanding of the condition, and someone that wants to know if I’ve had any more crazy nights out lately! Mark has made me feel like I am becoming a normal 21 year old now, as I am just beginning to enjoy a life that I haven’t been able to live since I was 15. Thank you Mark!

R. B.

My Chiropractic Story

I first visited a chiropractor when I was 10 years old after my Mum insisted on getting my sister and myself checked out after her own miraculous improvement after years of back pain. When she told us we were going I thought “What the ….. was a chiropractor? Long story short, I had suffered chronic stomach pains all my life which many doctors called psychosomatic and to get on with my life.  I just so happened to mention it and after just one examination and adjustment, they discovered I had a pinched nerve in my back and was cured the same day. That was the day I fell in love with chiropractic and have been a loyal patient ever since for regular checkups and advice.

Round about when I was 14, I developed M.E (Myalgic Encephalopathy) – around the same time my usual chiropractor left and was replaced by Dr. Mark (Doctor or Chiropractic).  Soon after he relocated to his Hove practice which was a lot nearer for us than Mid Sussex so I was able to attend more regularly.  With all the time spent bed-ridden and the lack of mobility and regular exercise, I felt this was something I now needed more than ever especially given the fact that I am quite tall.

All I can say now is that I trust Mark more than any doctor I have met before and often go to him for advice rather than my G.P who, lets just say, has been as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike.  Sent me to school when I could hardly walk saying  I  was “a perfectly healthy young man – and to get a job” . Six months of battling welfare officers and my school, with prison threats to my mother, it wasn’t until I was referred to a childrens hospital that I was diagnosed.  Overall my G.P has made less effort to help me than Mark has in one adjustment which is why I am very reluctant to visit my doctor.

Over the years I went for regular adjustments and then I was pleasantly surprised that Mark had been doing research into M.E/Chronic Fatigue (not surprising really as I know of quite a few patients with the same condition who visit him).  Anyone who believes a Chiropractor is only for backs, doesn’t know Dr Mark Yacoub (Doctor of Chiropractic)!.

I had tried various therapies and medicines including Reverse therapy to try and help me but nothing seemed to do the trick. But after seeing Mark he has cured everything from restoring my balance to regaining my energy levels.  He has been there for me and many others in the same boat as I was.  They refer to him as a “God” in the M.E mums” meetings and quite rightly so.

It was only around June 2008 when my condition was getting a bit worse that I attended a meeting Dr. Mark (Doctor or Chiropractic) had organised where he gave a very good informal lecture on his research into M.E which was attended by the majority of us sufferers and quite a few curious patients of his. He explained his theory on “Fight or Flight mode” which he believed was the cause of M.XCFS and had devised a few exercises to try and help. Not only was I very impressed by this, I thought it was a very kind and decent thing to do, going to all the trouble for us.

Not only did these exercises make a difference, his lecture really opened my eyes and eventually lead to my recovery from the illness that had plagued me for over 5 years. I heard of a new hope for M.E sufferers in the form of “The Lightning Process” which I realised was based on the same theory that Mark had given us.  This was all the proof I needed to try it and I am so glad I did.  I consulted Mark before signing up for it and he encouraged me to try it, which I did the next month.

So here I am, almost a year on, finally writing this long overdue testimonial not only to the wonderful world of Chiropractic, but to Mark himself.  I will forever be in debt to him and will remain a loyal patient of his for years to come.  Every time I see a person hunched over in the street holding their back I think ‘chiropractor’ – having handed out a few cards along the way.  I have recently also referred my girlfriend Natasha there for treatment for her M.E/Migraines which, after only 6-7 weeks, has made a vast improvement to her quality of life.

Thank you to Mark and the lovely Ladies at Chiropractic First who have made it a wonderful experience.

Ricky Gartner


My Chiropractic Journey

I have had two recent bouts of back trouble, one in September 2007 which took four weeks to recover from with the help of Tramadol and Diazapan, and more recently in November 2008 my back progressively got worse again. Visits to the doctor and more of the same pills until one Tuesday morning I couldn’t get out of bed and every time I moved I screamed in pain.  The Doctor was called out and I had to have an injection to enable me to cope, and more pills to keep the pain at bay.  I was taking so many pills I spent most of the time feeling ‘spaced out’ and my quality of life was awful.  My best friend came and saw the state I was in and straight away recommended Dr. Mark (Doctor or Chiropractic) as she had been having treatment and found it extremely beneficial.  I immediately made an appointment.

My X-rays were a shock as they revealed a condition that Dr. Mark (Doctor of Chiropractic) says I have had since adolescence.  I then began treatment 3 times a week.  After each adjustment I was in less pain and could feel my posture and balance improving.  It was a revelation to myself and my partner to see the improvement and now after 12 adjustments I have  a new lease of life. I am back exercising and living my life free of pain and pills.

Many thanks to Mark and all at Chiropractic First. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


Repetitive Strain Injury / RSI

My R.S.I Story

In 1997 I had a busy and interesting job working for a psychiatrist conducting research into drug addiction at the Maudsley Hospital in South London.  I was an efficient secretary – a fast and accurate typist, but had chosen for several years to ignore pains in my elbows and arms.  When it happened, RSI struck with a vengenance! I was typing a thesis one day and literally couldn’t touch the keyboard the next – it was like a hotplate and my arms were on fire from my fingertips to my elbows.

Ten years ago there was no real recognition of RSI, although my work station was checked and I was referred to a rheumatologist.  By the time I received an appointment 6 weeks later however, the chronic symptoms had subsided and I passed the reflex/strength tests. The problem remained and as soon as I touched a keyboard for any length of time, the pain returned.  After trying to ‘hang on’ I eventually lost my job.  I was also left with reduced strength in my wrists and arms which remains the case to a certain extent.  I still often wait for someone to come through a fire door in the opposite direction rather than be the one to bear the weight.  My doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs which upset my stomach and simply masked the pain without getting to the crux of the problem.  The whole experience made me realise what it is like to lose a faculty and become disabled. It also gave me a great excuse not to do the dishes or ironing.

I dont like taking medication and, being something of an ‘alternative’ person, looked to complimentary therapies for a solution.  I had 3 months of weekly acupuncture and physiotherapy which alleviated the chronic symptoms, whilst avoidance of keyboards took care of the rest!  Following 9 months unemployment, I got a job as a receptionist although even pressing the door buzzer made me wince uncomfortably.

The whole experience ultimately forced me to look at alternative careers and by 2002 I’d completed an OU degree part-time to teach.  I’d taken a drop in salary doing reception and admin jobs in the interim but they say everything happens for a reason and I do believe that disasters can turn into opportunities.  However, it is nigh on impossible in the 21st century to avoid ‘keying’ actions on a daily basis, with everything from typing, texting and fine precise actions needed to operate equipment and computers to perhaps writing that book!

Last October I experienced a flare up of the old complaint and nearly lost another job 10 years on! One day en route to the station, I passed Chiropractic First and, seeing those painful initials RSI in the window, I popped in for an initial assessment.  Since then I have seen Dem and now Mark twice a week and not only have my symptoms disappeared, but for the first time I am able to live with RSI and continue working, albeit to a limited extent on an ergonomic keyboard. The level of care has been outstanding as it encompasses everything from education to how the health of the nervous system is paramount to who we are both physically and mentally.  I have come to understand how my body is ‘wired’ for the first time and how my painful elbows bear a relation to my ‘dodgy’ knees.  My gall bladder is also involved and over the weeks I have come to respect and listen to my body more.  As well as banishing the pain I have improved my posture and gained strength.

Unfortunately we only get one body and, since we cart it around with us every day for a lifetime, we owe it the respect it deserves.  Thats not to say I wont abuse my liver occasionally, try and carry one too many bags and overdo things generally, but I’m now conscious that I need to treat it kindly more often, just as I know that now is the time to stop typing and go and do the ironing – unfortunately!.

Susan Shaw

My Chiropractic Story

Hello my name is Vita Poyton and I would like to tell you about a physical problem that I had with my elbow.

For around two to three years I was having problems with one of my elbows.  It was becoming more and more painful and preventing me carrying out normal everyday tasks.

I visited my G.P and he administered an injection into my elbow.  This helped for one or two weeks.  The pain started to return and it had got to the stage where I could no longer straighten my arm properly.  Also pain was starting to travel further up my arm and into my shoulder.

I underwent a course of exercise therapy at my local hospital.  This too did very little to  help. On returning to my G.P he said that I would need an operation.

While waiting for an appointment I was talking to a friend who recommended Chiropractic First. He had had a course of treatment over a problem and said it had worked wonders for him.  So I needed to try this too before undergoing surgery.

Chiropractic First made me very welcome from the first meeting that I had there.  All the staff were very helpful and the Chiropractor himself explained very clearly what the work of a Chiropractor was.  It was also explained how this work can help the human body.

My treatment started off twice weekly then reduced to once monthly.  I can now straighten my arm and use it properly with no pain at all.  The best thing of all is that I never had surgery.  All of this was achieved in less than six months although my pain was starting to ease very early on in the treatment time.

I would recommend Chiropractic therapy to anybody with physical aches and pains, after all it worked for me.

Mrs Vita Poyton

I was scheduled for a TMJ operation for a displaced disc on both sides of the jaw joint.  I tried the chiropractic treatment as a last resort a month before the operation.  I was seeing an osteopath once a week for a year to help with the pain which provided temporary relief.

After five chiropractic treatments with Demetra the symptoms of facial muscle pain and fatigue, chronic headaches, cracking of neck, pain in jaw, should and back, sinus inflammation and ringing in ears, were all relieved.  At first I was conservatively optimistic as I had lived for so long with the pain and was not sure what had happened to make it suddenly disappear. Its now a month later and I am still pain free and have reason to smile.  I wake up in the morning without pain and am so grateful to Demetra for helping me to avoid a complicated joint operation that is irreversible and may not resolve the problem fully.  I find it easier to hold my posture and to breathe, the circulation to my hands and feet has improved and I have better absorbtion of nutrients

Thank you Demetra, please keep doing what you are doing.  I am grateful to you for allowing me to be pain free.

Best Regards
Kaycee Hylkema

Hi, my name is Andy and, if you are reading this, you are probably like I was about five months ago – will a chiropractor help or just be another dead end to an ongoing injury? Well, I can tell you personally it can make a big difference.

I came to Mark with a knee injury that had put me out of action for almost a year.  Prior to that I was entering half marathons, running once a week and kickboxing twice a week.  I’d never had an injury before and doing these sports for 10 years it was, I suppose, only a matter of time till something like this happened.  I was running one day and, bang, it felt like someone had got a stick and jabbed it into my knee.  I had to stop, I’d never felt anything like it.

First I went to a sports physio once a week for 3 months.  She had ideas of what it could be but, never got close to the problem, my knee still hurt if I ran.  Eventually I tried a different physio who diagnosed a possible IT band strain.  At last someone had given an explanation and I felt confident this would be it but, unfortunately after a lot of treatment, I never got to where I wanted to be.  So I was thinking no more running ever again!

I had a chance meeting at my kickboxing instructor’s wedding.  I met a girl called Leigh, we got talking and I told her my story of woe and she told me about Chiropractic First and an amazing guy called Mark Yacoub.  I was not sure I liked the idea of getting my bones cracked about  but I was prepared to try anything to get me back to any form of activity.

I made my appointment and went to Chiropractic First. I was greeted with smiles from everyone and automatically felt at ease.  They listened to my now infamous story and Mark used his skills, took some x-rays and found that the problem originated from my back, an annoying thing called an “L3″.  It was ever so slight, but it was not quite in alignment and this was sending a signal down to my leg to around the knee area.

I had a month of treatment and Mark was keen to get me back up and running.  At last someone was helping to fix the problem and encouraging me to get out there and run.  I wanted to but, believe it or not, I was scared in case it wasn’t getting any better or I made it worse.  Mark was very reassuring and gave me belief that it would get batter.

I’ve started back at the circuit class that I had missed so much for a year and everything went great.  I still see Mark occasionally and only wish that I’d known of him 18 months ago when the trouble first started.

You might still be thinking “Is this going to work”? Trust me, its probably one of the best decisions you make.


I had acute intense prolonging pain in my lower back going down my right side 24/7 for about 2 months prior to seeing Mark.

I was on the edge of frustration as the pain would not go no matter what I did or tried.  A friend noticed that I had a Chiropractor open near me and suggested that I try it as I had nothing to lose.  I was aware of chiropractic but never used one.

So, in agony, I booked my first appointment and, after six weeks and roughly two appiointments a week, my whole state of mind and wellbeing improved beyond belief.  My recovery has been a team effort effort from Mark initially assessing me, carrying out the adjustments needed, and then myself following his recommendations until the next appointment.

As a result of my marked improvement I am only too happy to recommend chiropractic treatment rather than surgery which is what I was on course for!

Grant B

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