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Nutritional statistics chartLorisian Food Intolerance Test

The Lorisian Food Intolerance Test involves a finger prick blood test to identify IgG intolerances to foods which will then be eliminated and replaced with other foods ensuring the diet remains balanced whilst we work on re-establishing a healthy gut.

Genova Adrenal Stress Test

The Genova Adrenal Stress Test involves a saliva sample which is sent to the lab. This saliva test can detect imbalances in the daily circadian secretions of the stress hormones cortisol and DHEA. Imbalances in these hormones can indicate an inappropriate response that can negatively impact energy levels, emotions, and many other health complaints. Nutritional changes and possible supplementation will then be designed around the test results.

Digestive Health Test

This Digestive Health Test evaluates digestion and absorption, bacterial balance and metabolism, yeast and immune status for patients with irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, malabsorption, and other GI-related problems. Understanding the root of a gut issue can assist in providing the correct nutrition and supplement requirements.

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