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Childhood Obesity - too serious to ignore! (1st-7th July awareness week)


In association with National Childhood Obesity Week, 01st – 07th July, Chiropractors are highlighting the need for a more holistic health approach to save the current generation from a frightening future.

According to official statistics more than 60% of adults and 30% of children aged 2-14 are now overweight or obese. A Government report[1] recently estimated that obesity will cost the NHS £6.4 billion per year by 2015.

Many health problems can directly be linked to obesity and the effects of childhood obesity are too grim and serious to ignore. There are also emotional and psychological consequences that a child suffers by being overweight including bullying and aggression that can lead to issues with self esteem and confidence.

UCA Chiropractors are seeing an alarming increase in the number of young people presenting with physical problems more commonly associated with old age, as a result of obesity. When you carry a lot of weight your posture changes, your ability to move through space changes, your biomechanical movement isn’t as good as it should be so all those joints have a lot more pressure on them. This extra pressure may lead to medial knee pain; hip and lower back pain, a rounding of the shoulders and migraines.

Some of the latest research regarding genetics and diet reinforces that old-age notion of you are what you eat. The rise in childhood obesity has coincided with the fall in home cooking with only half of British families sitting down to eat a meal together three times a week or fewer. It is not too late to change your child’s unhealthy habits and our goal is to encourage healthy behaviour for the entire family.

Tips to Improve your families lifestyle:

If you have a family that currently sits down to a meal together 1-2 times per week, aim to increase that to more like 4 times per week
Buy food that is seasonal and is as close to natural as possible (less processed)
Always eat a healthy breakfast
Replace fizzy drinks with water
Slowly reduce television/gaming/computer time
Encourage family play time. Activities that you engage in together that involve movement such as walking, cycling, visiting the beach or other local sights or even playing football, cricket or frisbee in the back garden

For further information or advice visit your local UCA chiropractor or the LiveWell website:

[1]Gov’t Office for Science-‘Tackling Obesities: Future Choices – Modelling future trends in obesity and their impact on health’ – 2nd Edition

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