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Beat NHS Waiting Lists

  • Do you have an resolved back or joint pain?
  • Have you been waiting for physiotherapy?
  • Do you need an Xray or MRI to find out what’s wrong?
  • Don’t want to take medication, have injections or surgery?

Chiropractic is a regulated profession, with high level training over a 5 year masters degree. We have an onsite Xray, and MRI access with 1 week turnaround!

Our examinations are detailed, often same day, and 90% of our patients have significantly less pain in 6 weeks of chiropractic care

Contrary to belief, chiropractic and scans are not expensive. We offer reasonable rate chiropractic, and a variety of payment plans including direct debit, making the individual treatment fee lower than anywhere else in Brighton and Hove.

Prefer to speak to a chiropractor before booking?

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Beat Back Pain Now!

Book your examination and beat back pain now!

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