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Neck Pain resulting from trauma e.g whiplash.

“Many thanks to Mark and the staff for the excellent and effective treatment”

I have suffered with neck pain and stiffness for 43 years following a motorcycle accident. Courses in pain management, physiotherapy, pain killers, anti-inflammatory and sleeping pills have had no effect.
I booked an appointment at the clinic, had a through examination and X-rays were taken. I then had a comprehensive report which explained the X-rays and showed me exactly what was wrong. From my first adjustment I have had instant relief and have become much more mobile and pain free. My digestion has also improved and all the pills have been thrown away! I have recommended Chiropractic First to everyone and will continue to do so.

Many thanks to Mark and the staff for the excellent and effective treatment.

Anthony Norris

“When I left the clinic that day, the symptoms that I’d suffered with constantly for the last five months had almost gone. I walked home feeling nothing short of euphoric!”

I sustained a severe whiplash injury nine years ago, which left me in agony and unable to work or even sleep for the next two weeks. My GP prescribed a course of very strong painkillers, a neck brace and told me that it was unlikely my neck would ever fully recover; the reality was, as I got older my symptoms would inevitably get worse.

As the years went on it seemed that she was right, my neck didn’t fully recover and I was left with symptoms ranging from constant discomfort to severe pain, which gradually spread down my shoulder, arm and back.
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I visited my GP again about five months ago when I began to experience additional symptoms – pins and needles, a burning feeling and loss of sensation in my left arm. The diagnosis was a trapped nerve in my neck,as a result of my old injury. I was prescribed anti-inflammatory painkillers and informed that the other option was a course of physiotherapy but the waiting list for a referral would be at least six months.

The anti-inflammatory drugs that I was given did slightly reduce my symptoms for the month that I was taking them, but as soon as I stopped it was clear that any improvements had only been temporary and could only be achieved by continued use. I did not want to be dependent on any form of medication.

A good friend of mine suggested that I go for a consultation with her chiropractor (Mark), asshe was sure that he would be able to help. I didn’t really give it much thought as I didn’t know much about chiropractic care but presumed that the problem was with my muscles, not with my spine. I was also a bit unsure as to whether I liked the sound of somebody manipulating my neck and back and was concerned about how safe it was.

I put up with the pain for another three months before my friend eventually had enough and insisted that I go along for an initial consultation. I was very nervous and a little apprehensive when I walked in for my first appointment, but was instantly put at ease by the kindness and professionalism of everyone that worked there. It was obvious that Mark was very knowledgeable and experienced and I felt confident that he would be able to help me.

My x-rays showed that the spine was actually out of alignment, almost certainly as a result of not treating the original injury correctly.

After a very informative consultation, we decided on a course of treatment and I had my first adjustment, I didn’t know what I had been so worried about. When I left the clinic that day, the symptoms that I’d suffered with constantly for the last five months had almost gone. I walked home feeling nothing short of euphoric!

Over the next couple of weeks of treatment, the remaining symptoms gradually disappeared and I am now free of pain for the first time in nine years.

I have noticed improvements in my health and fitness overall. I have more energy; better postureand I no longer wake up with a stiff neck every morning. My muscle strength has improved, along with my digestion.

I’m not sure why I was not advised by my GP that chiropractic treatment could have helped at the time of my original injury.

When you start to understand the connection between your spinal column and your nervous system, the benefits
that chiropractic care can give you make perfect sense. I would recommend the ‘spinal care’ class run by Mark in the evenings to anyone who has the opportunity to attend.

I have since told anyone who would listen to me about the results that I’ve had, as I know what a difference it has made to my life. To my surprise I found that a number of my friends and colleagues are already patients at Chiropractic First and all tell the same story of quick results and an improved quality of life. I wish they had told me!

I would like to thank everyone that works at Chiropractic First for their combined efforts; the lovely ladies on reception who make it such a welcoming environment and Mark and Linda, who through the combination of chiropractic adjustments and deep tissue massage have made me feel ten years younger.

Thank you all so much.
Sheryl Parkinson

“My story really began after I had an operation…”

I was fit, active and fairly flexible before the operation, but after things went downhill fast.

I found that I was having a hard time sleeping, every night I went to sleep quickly but woke up about two hours later and couldn’t get back to sleep. I would then doze for the rest of the night. I was living on approximately four hours per night, I needed eight. I suffered continual pain in my hips and lower back area and for the first half an hour or so of getting up in the mornings I couldn’t walk properly only “shuffle” along, going downstairs was a nightmare, the only way I could manage was by going down backwards on all fours. Slowly.
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I visited my Doctor and was told as I was getting older I should expect these things. If the pain got too bad I could have pain killers.

I wasn’t convinced he was right so I then tried various Osteopaths and Chiropractors, none really satisfactory. I was told that my hip was”fragile” and had a tendency to twist, not to worry they could help. It did help for a few weeks at a time then I would have to return and be”clicked” into place. This went on for about 1 2years, and it was getting very expensive. I began to think that the Doctor was right, as you got older things got worse and you lived in pain.

After a particularly bad period of my “back going out” a friend suggested I give her Chiropractor Dr. Mark Yacoub (Doctor of Chiropractic) a chance.

After the initial consultation and x ray (the first I have ever been offered) all was explained. It wasn’t my hip that was “twisted” my problem was the base of my neck (due to a car accident I had had a whiplash injury some 20 odd years previously). And to compensate the whole of my back had “adjusted” itself accordingly.

Within 3 months I felt great and free of pain, can move easily and stairs are no problem whatever time of day.

There are still some minor adjustments needed but I feel better now that I did 15years ago and have real hope I can live an active life with no continual pain.

All I can say is a heartfelt THANK YOU.

Carol Broadbent