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Brighton Chiropractor | TBM / Applied Kineseology

Sunday 18th September 2005 and I was minding my own business as one does. Washing up at my stables with the new Fairy, orange and lemon, when along came a wasp with a vengeance. It left its awful sting in my hand in the soft tissues between thumb and finger. Knowing that this would flare up due to past experiences with these dreaded creatures, I went to seek my friend who had Claritin tablets, of which I took two immediately, finished up at the stables and came home (on the way calling in at Sainsbury’s for antihistamine cream). As the day progressed my hand became a boxing glove, my fingers unrecognisable and I thought it best to have it checked out for any poison, as it was traveling up my arm. Had to wait 2 hours at the local A & E to be seen by a doctor who told me it was a clean sting, “I expect due to the Fairy”, she prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. They are always the last resort in my mine, so I did not take them.

After a painful night’s sleep trying to keep my hand elevated, it was still like a throbbing sensation and it was throwing off immense heat. I could not pick up anything with this hand as it was tremendously sore to do so. It had made me disabled.

I was seeing Mark to have my back adjusted later on that Monday evening but Brought it forward to the afternoon, hoping that Mark could sort out my allergy for hay as he had done the winter before with the haylage allergy, using TBM (Total Body Modification). Instead he treated me with a TBM adjustment for my sting; he did not have wasp in his allergy kit but tested me for bee and insect mix. The insect mix was the nearest. I had that TBM adjustment plus two others and went for a 10 minute walk. At that time I felt a tingling sensation in my fingers and heat dissipating a little.

Mark was still not happy when I returned, so he tested my lymph glands and immune system was out completely. He checked my lymphatic system, gave me another TBM adjustment and blocked me for 10 minutes. Slowly the boiling heat left my hand, to become a bearable warmth. The throbbing went and I could see my knuckles returning. I could bend my fingers better than before.

By seven that evening I could bend them fully into the palm of my hand and after a good night’s sleep I was able to lift things as normal and the swelling reduced so much that my hand looked normal, and with no pain.

So thanks Mark for the wonders of TBM and chiropractic.

Shona Jacquet