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Brighton Chiropractor | Sciatica

“As a result of my marked improvement I am only too happy to recommend chiropractic treatment rather than surgery which is what I was on course for!”

I had acute intense prolonging pain in my lower back going down my right side 24/7 for about 2 months prior to seeing Mark.

I was on the edge of frustration as the pain would not go no matter what I did or tried. A friend noticed that I had a Chiropractor open near me and suggested that I try it as I had nothing to lose. I was aware of chiropractic but never used one.

So, in agony, I booked my first appointment and, after six weeks and roughly two appointments a week, my whole state of mind and well-being improved beyond belief. My recovery has been a team effort effort from Mark initially assessing me, carrying out the adjustments needed, and then myself following his recommendations until the next appointment.

As a result of my marked improvement I am only too happy to recommend chiropractic treatment rather than surgery which is what I was on course for!

Grant B

My Chiropractic success Story:

One day in December 2006 I was shopping, and whilst trying to manoeuver a pushchair, balancing a shopping basket and guiding my 3 year old granddaughter through the supermarket aisle I felt something pulled in my back, that was the start of 18 months of pain and discomfort in my lower back.

I saw my GP after a few months as things were not getting any better and her advice was ‘take painkillers’. I hate popping pills so most of the time I would just try and bear the pain, if it got too much I would use one of the off the shelf painkilling gels. I started my day stiff and in pain, in order to get moving each morning I would have to stand in the shower with hot water running on my back for at least five minutes to relieve the stiffness and loosen my back.

I decided to see a Chiropractor because as well as the constant pain and discomfort I developed a numbness in my foot which panicked me as I remembered my sister having similar problems for several years which eventually lead to her having a back operation (when she saw a Chiropractor it was too late he could only help with pain relief), she now has 2 pins in the back, I did not want to go through that.

I am so glad that I decided to see Mark, with the adjustments that he has been doing and the back care information he has given me over the last two months I am on the mend. I have rediscovered my flexibility, I walk with more fluidity and I no longer need to stand under a hot shower for five minutes each day to get me moving. I actually get out of bed each day now, rather than roll out of bed. I am not yet 100%, but armed with Mark’s back care advice I am working on breaking the bad habits I have developed over the years, and I am confident that with his continued help it will not be too long before I am fully functional again.

I have told all my friends and family about how much I have benefited from having Chiropractic adjustments and would not hesitate to recommend Mark to each and everyone of them.

Mark, thank you so very much.

Yours forever grateful
Denese Powell

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