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Brighton Chiropractor | RSI

“Not only have my symptoms disappeared, but for the first time I am able to live with RSI and continue working…”

In 1997 I had a busy and interesting job working for a psychiatrist conducting research into drug addiction at the Maudsley Hospital in South London. I was an efficient secretary – a fast and accurate typist, but had chosen for several years to ignore pains in my elbows and arms. When it happened, RSI struck with a vengeance! I was typing a thesis one day and literally couldn’t touch the keyboard the next – it was like a hotplate and my arms were on fire from my fingertips to my elbows.

Ten years ago there was no real recognition of RSI, although my work station was checked and I was referred to a rheumatologist. By the time I received an appointment 6 weeks later however, the chronic symptoms had subsided and I passed the reflex/strength tests.The problem remained and as soon as I touched a keyboard for any length of time, the pain returned. After trying to ‘hang on’ I eventually lost my job. I was also left with reduced strength in my wrists and arms which remains the case to a certain extent.…read more »

I still often wait for someone to come through a fire door in the opposite direction rather than be the one to bear the weight. My doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs which upset my stomach and simply masked the pain without getting to the crux of the problem. The whole experience made me realise what it is like to lose a faculty and become disabled. It also gave me a great excuse not to do the dishes or ironing.

I don’t like taking medication and, being something of an ‘alternative’ person, looked to complimentary therapies for a solution. I had 3 months of weekly acupuncture and physiotherapy which alleviated the chronic symptoms, whilst avoidance of keyboards took care of the rest! Following 9 months unemployment, I got a job as a receptionist although even pressing the door buzzer made me wince uncomfortably.

The whole experience ultimately forced me to look at alternative careers and by 2002 I’d completed an OU degree part-time to teach. I’d taken a drop in salary doing reception and admin jobs in the interim but they say everything happens for a reason and I do believe that disasters can turn into opportunities. However, it is nigh on impossible in the 21st century to avoid ‘keying’ actions on a daily basis, with everything from typing, texting and fine precise actions needed to operate equipment and computers to perhaps writing that book!

Last October I experienced a flare up of the old complaint and nearly lost another job 10 years on! One day en route to the station, I passed Chiropractic First and, seeing those painful initials RSI in the window, I popped in for an initial assessment. Since then I have seen Dem and now Mark twice a week and not only have my symptoms disappeared, but for the first time I am able to live with RSI and continue working, albeit to a limited extent on an ergonomic keyboard. The level of care has been outstanding as it encompasses everything from education to how the health of the nervous system is paramount to who we are both physically and mentally. I have come to understand how my body is ‘wired’ for the first time and how my painful elbows bear a relation to my ‘dodgy’ knees. My gall bladder is also involved and over the weeks I have come to respect and listen to my body more. As well as banishing the pain I have improved my posture and gained strength.

Unfortunately we only get one body and, since we cart it around with us every day for a lifetime, we owe it the respect it deserves. That’s not to say I wont abuse my liver occasionally, try and carry one too many bags and overdo things generally, but I’m now conscious that I need to treat it kindly more often, just as I know that now is the time to stop typing and go and do the ironing – unfortunately!.

Susan Shaw

“The best thing of all is that I never had surgery.”

Hello my name is Vita Poyton and I would like to tell you about a physical problem that I had with my elbow.

For around two to three years I was having problems with one of my elbows. It was becoming more and more painful and preventing me carrying out normal everyday tasks.

I visited my G.P and he administered an injection into my elbow. This helped for one or two weeks. The pain started to return and it had got to the stage where I could no longer straighten my arm properly. Also pain was starting to travel further up my arm and into my shoulder.…read more »

I underwent a course of exercise therapy at my local hospital. This too did very little to help. On returning to my G.P he said that I would need an operation.

While waiting for an appointment I was talking to a friend who recommended Chiropractic First. He had had a course of treatment over a problem and said it had worked wonders for him. So I needed to try this too before undergoing surgery.

Chiropractic First made me very welcome from the first meeting that I had there. All the staff were very helpful and the Chiropractor himself explained very clearly what the work of a Chiropractor was. It was also explained how this work can help the human body.

My treatment started off twice weekly then reduced to once monthly. I can now straighten my arm and use it properly with no pain at all. The best thing of all is that I never had surgery. All of this was achieved in less than six months although my pain was starting to ease very early on in the treatment time.

I would recommend Chiropractic therapy to anybody with physical aches and pains, after all it worked for me.

Mrs Vita Poyton

“My symptoms were severe pain in my left shoulder leaving me unable to lift my arm or sleep without being in great discomfort”

“I visited my G.P. who diagnosed a frozen shoulder and told me that nothing could be done” He prescribed pain killers and cream to rub into my shoulder-the result being nothing!

Having talked to a friend who has suffered with back pain, he highly recommended Chiropractic First, also Dr Lewis Kingsnorth (Doctor of Chiropractic).

Upon my telephone call, I was greeted by a very happy and helpful voice.…read more »

I knew nothing about chiropractic, however on my first visit I felt relaxed and at ease. Lewis is friendly and we are on first name terms which makes me feel like a “person” rather than a client.

My first examination was caring, my shoulder and spine were touched very gently followed by a spine scan and xray. Throughout all this everything was explained to me in detail. I continued to visit twice a week receiving excellent treatment everytime and exercises were given to me to do at home to help.

My visits reduced to once a week after 12 sessions due to the fact my shoulder and arm were far more mobile.

I now visit once every two weeks just to make sure I don’t freeze up again.

I have recommended someone to Chiropractic First and like me they are impressed by the treatment and are now without pain.


Thank you,