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Personal Trainer at Chiropractic First

Core feel that focuses on natural movement and body flows.

We blend components of yoga, balancing and postural alignment work, joint mobilisations and body weight strength movements to produce the perfect strengthening compliment to your Chiropractic care package.

Core feel that is run in-house and taught by our newest team member; Kirstin Ahmed, owner of Brightonfit personal training.

Brightonfit’s Principles

As Kirstin explains: “Brightonfit’s principles are built on a simple model based on sporting passions and coaching experience. The main tool we use is your body, the goal is to harness what you have naturally. We believe this is the fastest and most sustainable way to achieve a lean, strong, flexible injury free body.”

Kirstin’s personal sporting experience includes martial arts, running marathons, half marathons, 10 km’s, and more latterly barefoot running with a general shift towards more primal training methods including a myriad of bodyweight flows and animal movement patterns, clubbell swinging, kettlebells, TRX suspension training and the like.

Kirstin discovered Chiropractic First whilst looking for a solution to over a decade of pain resulting from injuries sustained from years of boxing and kickboxing. She had tried Osteopathy and Physiotherapy alongside some more inventive pain relief solutions to no avail. Her sleep was severely disrupted, she was unable to compete any more at her sport and was struggling to teach it to good effect due to restrictions in her neck and shoulders…….Finally and thankfully met Lewis Kingsnorth.The difference with Lewis compared to other practioners was that he was suggesting a way around her lifestyle choices (teaching boxing is perhaps a rather extreme example but Lewis still thought it manageable to work with) as long as a simple model was to be followed. This is one of intense chiropractic care easing to a rehabilitation stage where muscular imbalances are addressed (stage 2) leading onto a maintenance phase where the exercises are maintained in a program. For Kirstin as a fitness professional, adding these exercises into her program of rehabilitation was easy, she spends her life in gyms, always has a tracksuit on and can often squeeze in 10 mins of work here and there throughout her weeks. But as is often the case with her own personal training clients, Lewis was quick to point out that this is often what falls by the wayside with Chiropractic clients and so the component of care that Chiropractic First felt was missing from their package.

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