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Brighton Chiropractor | Knee Pain

“You might still be thinking “Is this going to work”? Trust me, its probably one of the best decisions you make.”

Hi, my name is Andy and, if you are reading this, you are probably like I was about five months ago – will a chiropractor help or just be another dead end to an ongoing injury? Well, I can tell you personally it can make a big difference.

I came to Mark with a knee injury that had put me out of action for almost a year. Prior to that I was entering half marathons, running once a week and kickboxing twice a week. I’d never had an injury before and doing these sports for 10 years it was, I suppose, only a matter of time till something like this happened. I was running one day and, bang, it felt like someone had got a stick and jabbed it into my knee. I had to stop, I’d never felt anything like it.
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First I went to a sports physio once a week for 3 months. She had ideas of what it could be but, never got close to the problem, my knee still hurt if I ran. Eventually I tried a different physio who diagnosed a possible IT band strain. At last someone had given an explanation and I felt confident this would be it but, unfortunately after a lot of treatment, I never got to where I wanted to be. So I was thinking no more running ever again!

I had a chance meeting at my kickboxing instructor’s wedding. I met a girl called Leigh, we got talking and I told her my story of woe and she told me about Chiropractic First and an amazing guy called Mark Yacoub. I was not sure I liked the idea of getting my bones cracked about but I was prepared to try anything to get me back to any form of activity.

I made my appointment and went to Chiropractic First. I was greeted with smiles from everyone and automatically felt at ease. They listened to my now infamous story and Mark used his skills, took some x-rays and found that the problem originated from my back, an annoying thing called an “L3″ vertebral subluxation. The 3rd Lumbar nerve was getting irritated. It was ever so slight, but it was not quite in alignment and this was sending a signal down to my leg to around the knee area.

I had a month of treatment and Mark was keen to get me back up and running. At last someone was helping to fix the problem and encouraging me to get out there and run. I wanted to but, believe it or not, I was scared in case it wasn’t getting any better or I made it worse. Mark was very reassuring and gave me belief that it would get better.

I’ve started back at the circuit class that I had missed so much for a year and everything went great. I still see Mark occasionally and only wish that I’d known of him 18 months ago when the trouble first started.

You might still be thinking “Is this going to work”? Trust me, its probably one of the best decisions you make.


“Lewis fixed something that doctors couldn’t help with..I tell everyone my story as it still amazes me some 6 months on.”

My first visit to Chiropractic First was one of uncertainty as I was a little skeptical about what could be achieved. Having never used a chiropractor before, I made an appointment after suffering from recurring neck strain that was costing me a fortune in massages. A friend had told me that seeing a chiropractor had helped her with back pain, so I thought it was worth a try. My appointment was with Lewis Kingsnorth, who immediately made me feel at ease with his calm, yet enthusiastic approach. I could tell that he was experienced and felt confident that he could help with my neck pain.…read more »

During my appointment with Lewis, I also mentioned that I suffered a knee problem that had prevented me from doing the sport and exercise that I had once enjoyed. I had fallen on my right leg over 15 years ago, and was told by a doctor that my knee was internally bruised and would ‘just heal’ in time. It didn’t, it got worse in time. My knee felt tender, would often swell and sometimes ‘click’ out of place, causing me pain and limited motion. I started suffering more and more and was struggling to do circuit training, aerobics and even yoga without it either hurting or becoming so motionless that I had to almost drag my leg behind me. It felt like my own ball and chain! Eventually, I limited my exercise to just swimming as I didn’t feel the pain so much when in water. After changing my doctor 5 years ago, I was finally sent for an MRI scan where I was told that I had degeneration of my medial meniscus and the knee of a 90 year old (I was 31!). I tried physiotherapy, it didn’t fix the problem. I was then referred to a surgeon who suggested an operation to repair the damage, with the advice that this may actually cause more problems and could make it even worse, it was my gamble. My hope had faded, I refused surgery and just learnt to live with the discomfort and restrictions that it caused.

Lewis heard all of this and told me, quite confidently, that he could help. I really didn’t think a chiropractor could work miracles, so I didn’t hold out too much hope as I was now feeling that this was just something I had to suffer for the rest of my life. How wrong I was. Lewis was true to his word and worked his magic, I am so grateful to him. After about 6 weeks of intensive treatment, I felt like a different person. Now I can walk for miles without feeling any heaviness in my leg, and I have even started running without pain. I am truly amazed at how I feel. Lewis fixed something that doctors couldn’t help with and that I, myself, was prepared to suffer with. I tell everyone my story as it still amazes me some 6 months on, and I think Lewis is an absolute star. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and I have already recommended him to friends and family who are suffering with various problems.

Lewis, I cannot thank you enough. I must also thank Lynn on reception, who has happily changed appointments for me at the last minute and is always smiling and friendly, even at 7 in the morning! Appointment times fit in with my busy schedule and I can park near the practice without any problem, making every visit stress free.

Thank you Chiropractic First, you really have changed my life. J