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Brighton Chiropractor | Headaches

“Many thanks goes out to Mark and all the staff for helping to ‘fix’ me and helping me feel comfortable within my own skin again”

I had always had reservations as to whether or not seeing a chiropractor would work for me. I was getting headaches very often and had some back and neck pain too but I didn’t think it would be beneficial to see a chiropractor. A friend had been seeing one for a few years and changed to Chiropractic First. He managed to persuade me to go in to see for myself what treatment could be offered and also what the problem could be.

As soon as my first session with Mark was over I knew that I had done the right thing in coming to see him. I felt both at ease with Mark and also had every confidence in everything he did and told me. He still never ceases to amaze me and often second guesses my problems before I even have a chance to explain them. My course of treatment has helped me no end and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark to others, especially those like myself that have (or had) reservations about the whole process beforehand. He also manages to help with colds and such which is and probably always will remain a mystery to me but nevertheless, helps me no end.

I have also benefited from the educational side of Marks treatment which makes us aware of everything from posture to diet to lifestyle. Its amazing how many factors can affect a simple head or backache.

Many thanks goes out to Mark and all the staff for helping to ‘fix’ me and helping me feel comfortable within my own skin again.

Keith Barsby

“I went to see Lewis because of severe neck and shoulder pain which was affecting my work and sleep, general mobility and causing headaches”

I also had pain all the way down one arm. I thought it was a chronic condition that I could not do much about. I had tried physiotherapy without any lasting results so eventually resorted to taking painkillers at night to help me sleep.

A friend recommended Lewis and going to see him is one of the best decisions I have ever made about my health. Lewis is friendly, knowledgeable, genuinely interested in his patients and extremely skilled. After a period of consistent and attentive treatment I can only say it has been life changing.

The constant pain and headaches have pretty much completely gone and if I do get some soreness or aching Lewis has shown me what to do to get rid of it. This year I was able to complete a very challenging off-road charity bike ride without any ill effects.

I whole-heartedly recommend Lewis both for his skill as a practitioner and because he is a caring, friendly and engaging person.

Kind regards

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