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Hove Chiropractor Chondritis

I have suffered from a variety of problems since 2004 including osteo chondritis of the knee, suspected costo chondritis of the ribs and juvenile fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue syndrome which developed after having two bouts of surgery in a very short space of time.With inconclusive tests and MRI results that showed very little, I was passed from doctor to doctor being told that nothing was wrong. This proved increasingly hard to hear to the point where I began to think doctors thought I was making it up. Having these problems was affecting my school work and my social life as I didn’t have the ability to do things my friends were doing. As a sports person it was particularly difficult to sit and watch as my team mates competed without me. By 2008 I had just about given up when I spoke to my history teacher Mrs Yacoub and she told me about Chiropractic First. My mum and I booked an appointment with Mark that very same day. From my first appointment with Mark I felt like someone was finally listening to me and understanding what I had been going through for years. At first I was very nervous that there would be a lot of clicking of bones which I really didn’t want but I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case and that the myth that this is all chiropractors did was not in fact true.I started seeing Mark twice a week. To begin with progress was slow as the nerve endings in my body had become so sensitive that it was almost impossible for Mark to treat me. However eventually progress was made, firstly by curing my frozen shoulder and from then on I began to see improvement with my fatigue, headaches and joint pains.

The treatment eventually became so beneficial that I now no longer have to go and see Mark regularly as I can lead a completely normal life with next to no pain.

Mark for me was the best medical practitioner I have ever seen as he listened to me, believed me and helped me. If I have any problem Mark is always the first person I go to and he is always very helpful. I’m not religious but I always say to people that in the health world Mark, for me, is a God!I would recommend Mark and Chiropractic First to anyone with any sort of problem and I am so grateful to Mark for what he has done for me and to his wife Mrs Yacoub for recommending me to go and see him in the first place. Amy Chapman, August 2010