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Meet Belle Amatt

Belle Amatt, nutritionistChiropractic First Nutritionist

Belle is a registered Nutrition Consultant offering a range of testing and consultation packages for suspected food intolerance, stress issues and digestive health. These are available at Chiropractic First on Wednesday mornings from 9.45 am – 1 pm. The aim of these packages is to offer diagnostic lab testing in conjunction with motivation and nutritional expertise allowing clients the tools to improve their own health status in the long term.

Call 01273 324466 for a pre-consultation chat or bookings. Alternatively you may email. Consultations can be completed via ZOOM, if you don’t wish to attend in person.

Belle Amatt BA (hons), BSc Nutritional Medicine
Member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy
Registered with the CNHC

Belle Amatt, Nutritionist | 01273 324466